January 7 [Washington Post] ‘Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming’: Far-right Forums that Fomented Capitol Riots Voice Glee in Aftermath “It’s a new age of terrorism that can’t exist without the Internet,” Katz said. “Having said that, the movement has a spiritual leader, which is Trump.” [Wall Street Journal] ‘Trump or War’: How the Capitol Mob Mobilized on Social Media “The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist groups, sent more than two dozen alerts between Dec. 23 and Jan. 7 noting the rising risk of violence related to the coming gathering.” January 10 [USA Today] Capitol Riot Live Updates: More Arrests, Violence Across US as Pope Francis Condemns 'This Movement' “Katz said protesters were urged to "consider bringing zip ties" and make citizens arrests. At least one man seen in photos and videos carrying zip-tie handcuffs amid the Capitol chaos was later arrested.” [Wall Street Journal] Law Enforcement Braces for More Trump Marches in Washington, at State Capitols "The Site Intelligence Group, which tracks extremist threats online, said in a report Saturday that a day of armed far-right protests is scheduled for Jan. 17 and has been in the works for weeks, with Trump supporters and antigovernment activists promoting marches in Washington and at state capitols around the nation. Fliers promoting the event are circulating online, including one encouraging people to “come armed at your personal discretion.” January 11 [Wall Street Journal] Conspiracy Theorists, CEOs and Grandmothers: Inside the Capitol Mob “Mr. Ochs had earlier posted a note to followers on a social-media account saying he was coming to D.C. to support Mr. Trump and to “deliver the heinous, ugly truth to a heinous, ugly city,” according to SITE Intelligence Group. Last year he unsuccessfully ran as a Republican for a seat in Hawaii’s House of Representatives.” [Wall Street Journal] National Guard Bolsters Washington, D.C., Troop Levels to at Least 10,000 “The Site Intelligence Group, which tracks extremist threats online, said in a report over the weekend that a day of armed far-right protests is being planned for Jan. 17.” [Washington Post] Twitter Purged More Than 70,000 Accounts Affiliated with QAnon Following Capitol Riot “Some users even called for the execution of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other political figures, according to posts reviewed and compiled by the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks online extremism. Others encouraged a protest at Twitter’s headquarters, though no such crowd had formed at the company’s offices by midday Monday.” January 14 [Washington Post] Far-Right Groups Make Plans for Protests and Assaults Before and After Inauguration Day “It has begun to shift from ‘We are going to win this’ to ‘This fight is going to be a long one,’ ” said Rita Katz, executive director of the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist groups and their use of social media to inspire and organize adherents. “The prevalent consensus across the movements involved in or supporting the Capitol siege is that they will keep pushing forward.” [Washington Post] Twitter Ban Reveals That Tech Companies Held Keys to Trump’s Power All Along “Does Daddy want [us] armed or not?!?!” one poster asked on the site, which was flooded with threatening talk ahead of the Capitol siege, according to a report by the SITE Intelligence Group.

What We Do

SITE’s services span rapidly emailed news alerts, sector-specific analytical reports, and real-time feeds of terrorist-related data sourced from hard-to reach online forums. SITE’s database contains the largest commercially available global data set of confirmed terrorist and violent extremist online content, spanning decades of statements, media, and online chatter from extremist entities around the globe.

Designated Terrorist Entities (ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc)

  • Covers all aspects of the global terrorist movement: official and unofficial media, military activity, chatter, etc.
  • Foreign Terrorist cells, so-called ‘lone wolves’, movements and communities
  • Includes content from all official primary dissemination channels as well as hundreds of hard-to-access support networks, spanning dozens of languages
  • Analytical reports on ISIS, al-Qaeda and Western jihadists, and special topics


  • Covers ideologically and racially/ethnically motivated violent extremists
  • Includes neo-Nazis, white supremacists, militant/armed groups, individual actors, violent-prone conspiracy movements, anarchists, eco-extremists, etc
  • Global span, with emphasis on monitoring languages / content from Europe and the Americas

Tech and Terrorism

  • Reports on how terrorists and violent extremists use social media, apps, messaging forums, the Dark Web, and other forms of ICT
  • inSITE on Technology and Terrorism: report on trends, developments, and tech-related threats


  • Provides Critical threat updates and analytical reports
  • Available through multiple categories:
    • Energy and Terrorism
    • Finance and Terrorism
    • Bioterrorism and Public Health

Restricted Services

  • Due to the sensitivity of content, certain services are restricted to select institutions. Those services include:
    • Guide Tracker: Terrorist explosives and military manuals
    • SourceFeed: Data solutions for governments and ICT companies

Designated Terrorist Entities

SITE’s Jihadist Threat service gives government, commercial, academic, and other institutions access to real-time reports and analysis of material distributed by jihadi terrorist groups and their supporters worldwide. This includes primary source material (videos, statements, speeches, claims of attacks, manuals, magazines and other propaganda) as well as commentary from individuals on social media platforms, including calls for recruitment, incitements, and threats.

Groups covered include ISIS and al-Qaeda, as well as their respective branches in the Middle East, Africa, Central and East Asia. Also included are Taliban groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and aligned Syrian militant factions.

SITE also publishes unique periodic reports on jihadist threats via its inSITE report series:

inSITE Reports

Islamic State inSITE Reports
The Islamic State

Weekly report tracking, analyzing, and summarizing ISIS attacks, active locations, strategies, and trends around the world. Assesses the group’s propaganda campaigns, global reach, and strength of its various provincial divisions (as well as other aligned military presences across different regions). Also covers ISIS-linked media groups and supporters’ social media campaigns, cyber operations, and incitements.

al-Qaeda inSITE Reports

Monthly report covering al-Qaeda affiliates’ attack claims and suicide operations—including those by the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), and Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (NIM). Also covers activity by al-Qaeda-aligned organizations in Syria, Kashmir, and other locations, as well as content and activity by pro-al-Qaeda media groups and individuals online.


Far-Right/Far-Left Threat

Designed to help law enforcement and targeted organizations mitigate and respond to emerging threats and prevent hate crimes, while also informing policy makers and other stakeholder entities of emerging developments and trends.

Provides early warning and threat analysis, with immediate reporting on claims of attack, threats, announcements, communiques, and chatter on forums and websites. Tracks online communications of white supremacists, militia groups, anarchist groups, eco-terrorists, and other politically motivated extremists in North America, South America, Europe, and South Africa.

Updates provided as part of the service also give crucial context to extremist activity, including regional/global events, political developments, emerging social/political movements, and other variables.

Technology and Terrorism

Designed for ICT companies and regulating agencies aimed at preventing and responding to jihadist and terrorist use of online platforms, as well as public and private institutions targeted by cyber-attacks.

Dispatches expose how jihadists and terrorists use ICT—social media platforms, apps, mobile devices, the Dark Web, etc.—for planning, inciting, financing, recruiting, and cyberwarfare.

Terrorism and Technology

Subject Specific Services

To meet the needs of different sectors and fields of study, SITE offers services tailored toward specific subjects and purposes:

Terrorism and Finance

Daily alerts and critical analysis of terrorist activity, including threats to banks, financial services, & corporate entities.

Key methods by which terrorist groups carry out money-laundering activity, and transfer and receive funds.

Tracking & assessment of economically motivated campaigns promoting attacks or sabotage on financial institutions and businesses.

Energy and Critical Infrastructure

Alerts and analytical reports on terrorist threats to transportation, telecommunications, public heath, agriculture, and other vital services.

Updates on global trends and terrorist activities in energy-producing areas, with special region-focused reports covering groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as eco-extremist and far-left groups in the Americas and Europe.

Reports using official communiques, online chatter, international media sources, and existing SITE research to provide political, geopolitical, and ideological factors motivating such threats and attacks.

Bioterrorism and Public Health

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the ways jihadi, far-right, and other terrorist communities seek to carry out attacks. Healthcare facilities, the food industry, and other civilian entities have now become new targets of large terrorist groups, both domestically and internationally.

This crisis has brought forth reports of food contamination by infected individuals, deliberate exposure of law enforcement and healthcare personnel, and attacks against religious and educational institutions.

Restricted Services

Due to the sensitivity of content, the following services are restricted to select institutions. Please contact subscription@siteintelgroup.com for more information.


A special service enabling government agencies and ICT companies to easily and rapidly locate designated terrorist and violent extremist material on platforms. SourceFeed contains the largest commercially available international data set of confirmed terrorist and violent extremist online multimedia content, spanning statements, video/audio, and online chatter from extremist entities around the globe.

Guide Tracker

An exclusive service that monitors and tracks manuals by terrorist and violent extremist groups. Available to law enforcement/government institutions only.


You can register for a SITE individual subscription on our designated sign-up form.

Institution-level subscribers gain access to decades of terrorist and extremist statements, media, chatter, and data from every corner of the Internet. Our reports are provided with essential context and analysis, along with full translations from SITE’s multilingual staff of experts.

SITE’s Institution-level subscriptions are built by one or more of our available services, such as Jihadist Threat, Far-Right/Far-Left, and Dark Web and Cyber Security. We also offer specialized services tailored to specific regions and industries. These services can be purchased individually or bundled together with package rates.

Institution-level subscribers receive our reports throughout the day via email, and all content is logged onto SITE’s interactive and easily navigable database, comprised of tens of thousands of reports tagged by category, location, group, individuals, etc.

SITE’s Institution services are provided to institutions verified by SITE as legitimate and safe to provide our content to. Our clients include government agencies, media organizations, corporations, ICT companies, and non-profit organizations. We accept payments through wire transfer, check, or credit card.

Prices for our Institution-level monitoring and other services are determined by the type of institution (media, government, non-profit, academic, etc.), number of registered users, and which SITE services are selected.

To get an accurate quote, you can contact inquiry@siteintelgroup.com.

We offer sample content to approved entities. However, services containing highly sensitive material are not available for any samples.

SITE offers personal online demonstrations to institutional and professional parties, in which we showcase our services and find ways to best tailor them to meet your needs.

SITE material is copyrighted and cannot be redistributed without stated permission. We require any use of our research or material in the media to be sufficiently cited.

Individual subscriptions, accessed through the SITE News portal, provide summaries of reports from SITE’s Jihadist Threat service. Individuals subscribers will occasionally receive multimedia, full translations, transcripts, and other items reserved for Enterprise-level subscriptions.

Summaries delivered as part of Individual subscriptions are limited to Jihadist Threat material, and not Dark Web and Cyber Security, Far-Right/Far-Left, and other SITE services.

SITE’s Individual subscriptions are intended for anyone doing research on their own behalf: students, retired government personnel, freelance journalists, and independent researchers, among others.

SITE does not provide Individual subscriptions to anyone conducting research on behalf of any company, agency, institution, or organization; any such individuals should register for an Institution-level subscription.

You can register for a SITE individual subscription on our designated sign-up form.

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The Search for International Terrorist Entities

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More Than

Two Decades

SITE Intelligence Group has provided governments and institutions worldwide with verified, actionable intelligence and analysis on designated terrorist and violent extremist groups.

One-of-a-kind reputation for immediate access to the most

Hard-to-reach corners of violent extremist online communities

Staying apace with the continuous adaptions deployed by these groups, and supporting the world's most powerful governments and corporations in combatting terrorism, protecting people and assets, and preventing online radicalization.

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Our Clients


Providing Timely, verified and hard-to-access raw data and analysis on designated terrorist and violent extremist activity to:

  • Transnational, federal, and local law enforcement
  • Policy-makers and Countering Violent Extremism Programs
  • Counter-terrorist units
  • Cyber command centers
  • Defense forces and institutions
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Crisis Centers
  • Justice Departments
Private Sector

Long-standing relationships supporting blue-chip clients with a range of services:

  • Tech & social media companies aiming to eradicate terrorist and violent extremist content from major tech, media, and networking platforms
  • Major banks and financial institutions countering terrorism financing and fraud
  • Multinational oil & gas corporations operating in high-risk zones
  • Fortune 500 companies seeking corporate threat intelligence
  • Transportation & aviation enterprises facing physical and cyber threats
  • Defense & security contractors
NGO Think Tanks & Academic Institutions

Real-time security for humanitarian organizations operating in high-risk areas

Peerless intelligence and analysis in support of the world's most well-respected think-tanks and policy institutions

Special relationships with academic institutions enabling scholars and researchers access to SITE's full archive of reports, profiles and alerts

SITE in the Media

SITE is the eminent source of breaking news and analysis for most major global media outlets. Most major media outlets worldwide are SITE subscribers, including:

  • ABC News
  • Agence France Presse
  • Associated Press
  • Bloomberg
  • CBC
  • CNN
  • Foreign Policy
  • Indian Central News Agency
  • Newsweek
  • New York Daily News
  • New York Times
  • Reuters
  • Telpress Italia
  • VICE Media
  • Voice of America
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

The SITE Team

SITE Director and Founder, Rita Katz

Rita Katz

Executive Director & Founder

Rita Katz is the Executive Director and founder of the SITE Intelligence Group, the world’s leading non-governmental counterterrorism organization specializing in tracking and analyzing online activity of the global violent extremist community. Ms. Katz has tracked and analyzed global terrorist networks for over two decades, and is well-recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable experts in the field.

Ms. Katz has infiltrated terrorist fronts undercover, testified before Congress and in terrorism trials, and briefed officials at the White House and the Departments of Justice, Treasury, and Homeland Security. Her investigations and testimony have driven action by several governments against terror-linked organizations and individuals. She has provided counterterrorism training sessions to military leadership, intelligence analysts and law enforcement agents from numerous government agencies in the U.S. and abroad. She has led numerous workshops for non-governmental organizations and academic audiences, and supported policy makers and government institutions worldwide in their efforts to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism.

For her unique contributions to FBI counterterrorism investigations, Ms. Katz received special recognition from FBI Director Robert Mueller for her “outstanding assistance to the FBI in connection with its investigative efforts.” Outlets to profile Ms. Katz have included the New Yorker and 60 Minutes, and her insights have been featured in scores of major publications, including Washington Post, Time, The Daily Beast, VICE, and others. Her counter-terror analyses have touched on such critical topics as messenger applications and ICT platforms, the value of open-source intelligence, evolving recruitment efforts, and the implications of various geopolitical developments, among other matters.

Ms. Katz is the author of Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America (Harper Collins, 2003).

Born in Iraq and a graduate of Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University, Ms. Katz is fluent in Arabic.

The multi-lingual staff at SITE has years of experience in the research and analysis of terrorist networks, from jihadists to far-right and far-left extremists: monitoring propaganda, studying trends within online communities, tracking events, and breaking down how these networks operate on the Internet.

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Cyber Threat Trackers

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SITE Intelligence Group

Identifying & Tracking International Extremist Threats & Entities

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Our Services

<div class="service1"> <h4>SourceFeed</h4> <p>SourceFeed provides a 24/7 data stream to support law enforcement, ICT companies, and policy makers. Using a unique proprietary methodology, SourceFeed now boasts the largest commercially available global database of verified online terrorist and violent extremist content. </p> <div class="cta"> <a href="/SourceFeed/sourcefeed.html"> More </a> </div> </div> <div class="service1"> <h4>Enterprise</h4> <p>Enterprise services compliment the raw data supplied by SourceFeed through a curated collection of alerts and analysis. SITE Enterprise reports are descriptive and analytical, focused on message and content, and divided into several thematic categories, including listed terrorist entities such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, far-right violent extremists, bioterrorism, finance, weapons manuals, and more.</p> <div class="cta"> <a href="/Services.html"> More </a> </div> </div>
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