A prominent neo-Nazi personality has been using PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, and Patreon to solicit funding for his content production as well as payments for his merchandise sales, promoting links to his accounts on the fundraising platforms across alternative venues heavily trafficked by the far-right community.

Tags: Financing FRFL: Financing FRFL
Affiliation (FRFL): Neo-Nazi


A mail carrier from Erie, Pennsylvania who lodged potential fraud allegations to Project Veritas before pulling back on his claims solicited funds to support his efforts, raising nearly a quarter of a million dollars on a Christian crowdfunding site in a campaign disseminated on a right-wing militia forum.

Tags: Financing FRFL: Financing FRFL
Affiliation (FRFL): Militia
Locations (FRFL): North America,United States
U.S. Election: Election 2020