An Indonesian Islamic State (IS/ISIS) supporter on WhatsApp shared several security and guidance manuals, including one for the creation of an explosive, with group supporters.

In an Indonesian-language WhatsApp group, an account shared a series of articles and guides for fighters, including an explosives manual in a group on July 12, 2020. The materials included articles about jihad, the history of the Islamic State, excerpts of speeches by former IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and security and operational manuals, including “One Hour Assemble Presto Cooker” by Bahrun Naim, the deceased architect of the 2016 Jakarta attacks.

The security and explosive articles can be viewed below:

pdf One hour assemble presto cooker explosive (621 KB)

pdf WASPADALAH KALIAN Kamera Pengjntai (409 KB)

pdf Silent for operation (19.57 MB)

pdf Mausuah Amniyah Security (134.58 MB)

pdf Idad Badani (21.31 MB)


A prominent neo-Nazi channel encouraged utilizing the highly contagious Coronavirus and its “taxing effects on healthcare facilities” to wage biological warfare against less economically developed countries, providing instructions for building a device supposedly capable of “weaponizing” the disease.

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