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A neo-Nazi channel on a prominent encrypted messaging platform outlined the possibility for insurgency based on political tensions in the United States. The channel urged followers to emulate the example of previous prominent members in the movement, and to use their instructions as a way to evade authorities and take direct action.

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): Neo-Nazi


Utilizing an anonymous bot popular among Telegram's far-right community, a user made a post expressing resentment toward the United States' Electoral College process for what they perceive as disenfranchising individual voters and therefore contributing to Trump's defeat during the 2020 U.S elections: declaring they are prepared to take "revenge" against the voting system in the form of violent action. 

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): Hate Group
Targets (FRFL): Civilian,Political
U.S. Election: Election 2020

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A user on a Proud Boys-affiliated chat group declared their support of a state chapter’s call to action against left-wing groups committing “treason” against the United States. The user further suggested that far-right supporters have a limited timeline in which to act before “enemies” take over the political system, calling on supporters to take action before January.

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): Fascist, Hate Group


Referencing a 2018 Executive Order issued by President Trump, a Russian QAnon YouTuber claimed authorities in the current administration had the legal capacity to arrest major business, media, and political leaders for their alleged interference in the presidential election.

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): QAnon
Targets (FRFL): Government,Political,Public Figure,Journalists
U.S. Election: Election 2020

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A Philadelphia anarchist periodical published an article urging anarchists in the U.S. to incorporate the use of firearms into their operations to target police, industry, and infrastructure.

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): Anarchist
Group Names (FRFL): Anarchists
Locations (FRFL): United States
Targets (FRFL): Critical Infrastructure,Law Enforcement
Violent Unrest: Violent Unrest
U.S. Election: Election 2020, Demonstrations - Events

 WantedforTreason CEOTech

Accusing the CEOs of popular social media and tech corporations of “election tampering” and “supporting domestic terrorism” among a list of other “crimes,” the official channel of the neo-Fascist Proud Boys’ British recently released propaganda declaring the public figures “wanted.”

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): Fascist,Hate Group
Targets (FRFL): Public Figure
U.S. Election: Election 2020

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A chapter of the Proud Boys used a prominent encrypted messaging platform to outline purported treason against the United States by the BLM and Antifa movements. The Proud Boys positioned themselves in opposition to these movements and claimed that they alone are the protectors of “American values,” calling on members to stand up and take action.

Tags: Affiliation (FRFL): Fascist, Hate Group


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